The Ultimate Guide to Trinidad Women

Havana? No, the real star of Cuban dating should be Trinidad. Not only is this city straight out of a Wes Anderson movie (in a good way) but Trinidad women are among the most beautiful in the country.

Read on to find out:

  • What makes Trinidad girls so special?
  • Ten reasons to visit Trinidad (and the chicas are just one of them)
  • How to have the night of your life
  • Is Trinidad dangerous and how to have a safe (but still super fun) trip?
  • Can you use online dating to meet Trinidad women?

These are all common questions we get from men. This article aims to be a comprehensive guide, not just to hype Trinidad women up.

So I will tell you upfront:

It’s not all sunshine and roses. 

But once you see Trinidad girls in action, you will realise why it is all worth it!

Trinidad Women

First Things First

Where is Trinidad? 

It’s in Sancti Spíritus a province in central Cuba.

What is it famous for? 

Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The original colonial architecture is wonderfully preserved, making Trinidad one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba.

And if that is not enough for you, the beaches of Trinidad are simply legendary! The nearby islet is everyone’s favourite, with crystal clean water and completely serene beaches.

A little over 12 miles from Trinidad you will find Topes de Collantes which draws lovers of beautiful nature from around the world. Casilda Bay, on the other hand, is among snorkelers’ and divers’ favourite locations in Cuba.

So, short answer: Trinidad has history, it has beautiful nature, and, quite importantly, it also has gorgeous women!

How big is Trinidad? 

73,466 people as of the latest census (which isn’t too recent, it was done in 2004). However, the percentage of beautiful Trinidad women is very high. You are also in a vibrant and very diverse city. It’s worth setting aside at least a weak to know it well and get a feel for the exciting dating life opportunities it gives you (among other awesome stuff).

The History Of Trinidad

Trinidad was founded back in the 16th century when Spaniards were still very new to the island (and to the Americas). Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar established a city here under the name Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, which literally translates to the City of the Holy Trinity. The modern people of Trinidad aren’t super religious though.

But the city is more famous for Hernán Cortés recruited men for his 1518 expedition from Trinidad.

The other important name in Trinidad’s history is that of powerful Basque landowner by the name of Francisco Iznaga. He was elected Mayor of Bayamo in 1540 but ended up settling in Trinidad. His former home at Torre Iznaga (Iznaga Tower) is one of the city’s main attractions.

Iznaga’s descendants were important activists during the fight for Cuban independence and for annexation to the United States.

Trinidad Women: Looks

Starting from the outside, how does the typical Trinidad gal look like?

Well, she is probably black or mixed race. In my experience, Trinidad girls are lighter skinned, probably because they have some European blood, but they are still quite curvy and sensual. You have the best of both worlds and that is why Western men love the Trinidad dating scene so much.

The people of Trinidad are a mix of African, Indian, Arab and Chinese descent. That is one of the prime reasons for their attractiveness.

A little biology lesson for you:

Mixed race people are usually healthier. 

In our minds:

Healthy = attractive

And the women of Trinidad truly have a glow about them that you can’t achieve with cosmetics. Bear in mind that Cuba is a place where time is frozen in more ways than one. American fast food never reached Trinidad and neither did sedentary lifestyle.

Trinidad women walk a lot, they work standing, they cook and clean the house, and they dance for fun. Combine this with the hearty local cuisine and you have yourself curvy girls that are still very tight and toned. This is the perfect combo for most guys. I bet you will be booking your flights as soon as I show you some photos!

Trinidad Women Are Amazingly Confident

Confidence is one of the most important factors when it comes to attraction. And Trinidad women have a lot of confidence!

But I hear some dudes are a little unconvinced about it all. Isn’t a thick booty more important than self-love? Nope, it’s really not. And being self-assured will be your own best weapon if you learn the art of it. Let me tell you why:

You Project Value

Confidence is about knowing your worth and being self-sufficient.

Imagine you are a sexy Cuban girl, just minding her own business, sipping her rum. You get approached by someone without any confidence. Cuban girls get this a lot from foreigners because it’s easy to get stupefied by how hot they are.

But what is the non-confident person doing? He is begging for validation. With every move he says I don’t have value, please validate me to give me some value.

The confident Cuban attitude, on the other hand, is about projecting value onto others. Trinidad women are very friendly, they are smiling, joking and making everyone around them feel great. Even if you are a very nervous person, their confidence projects so much value onto you that it’s contagious.

On that same note:

Confidence Is Magnetic

Cuban girls make people around them feel relaxed and at ease. They are not desperate for approval. They don’t drain your life energy by constantly nagging and complaining. In fact, Trinidad women have such a positive outlook on life and themselves that it rubs off onto you.

This, in turn, creates massive attraction.

Maybe it’s not the confidence, maybe it’s the fact that she is always surrounded by fun people and because it seems like she is always the life of the party, no matter where she goes. Either way, Trinidad girls have that special magnetism about them and you can’t help but become drawn into it.

But There Is Even More

The other distinctive quality of Trinidad women is they are very caring and also fiercely loyal. It’s a bit of a cliché that Latinas would fight you but Trinidad women would, indeed, fight you if you try to hurt their loved ones.

These girls were raised with the spirit of community. Being quite nurturing of others comes naturally to them. This is why when you are around Trinidad women you would always feel comfortable.

Unlike insecure American chicks, these girls don’t need to show off their “independence”. They are very much aware of how self-sufficient and awesome they are. That is why Trinidad girls don’t mind being traditionally feminine. They are not intimidated by the connotations that come with that role.

Trinidad Women

And do you know what that means for you?

It means that you will eat amazing Cuban food every day and that in the morning she will make you coffee with just her skimpy panties on. I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of guys who would die happy if they get to experience something like this.

The Madonna And The Whore

In psychology, we sometimes talk about the Madonna and the whore complex. Essentially, men either view girls as pure and virginal or as sexual beings.

The Madonna is associated with the mother. We don’t have a lot of conscious sexual feelings towards or moms, right? It’s a platonic sort of love. Some men have that towards their wives. They see them as mothers, as stereotypical good girls, and they have a hard time getting turned on by that. It’s a perfect love but it remains very… virginal

Well, the whore is the exact opposite. It’s the reason we get attracted to promiscuous girls. Maybe we don’t see ourselves marrying them but there is just something about them… It is not love that we feel towards the “whore” but it is very sexual. That’s quite conflicting for some guys (and girls too):

Why do we like the bad girls so much? Why can’t we lust after a sweet, sweet gal? 

Well here is the thing:

Trinidad women combine both of these traits. It’s quite awesome how easily they slip from one role to the other. It isn’t conflicting either. Actually, I have a very good movie reference to explain this (though the movie has nothing to do with Trinidad).

A Great Movie (Even Though It Has Nothing To Do With Cuba)

If you have some time to waste or if you’re looking for the perfect dinner movie for a Netflix and chill session with a Cuban hottie, give Syrup a try. It’s smart, it’s a great comedy, and it has some brilliant twists. But most importantly, Syrup has the best description of what I think makes Trinidad women so special.

You can check out the Amber Heard monologue here.

The monologue goes:

Men categorize women in one of four ways: mothers, virgins, sluts and bitches.
Of course, none of the above is suitable for the modern businesswoman. But you can create your own image by selecting pieces of each archetype that work for you. For example:

The sexual attractiveness of the slut.

The wisdom of the mother.

The integrity of the virgin.

The independence of the bitch.

This leaves men confused and unable to pigeon-hole you. What they’re forced to do instead is
take you seriously.

In short, this is what I think makes Trinidad girls so special. They are not one stereotype. They have bits and pieces of the archetypes we usually see. It’s a very unique combo when a girl can be completely sexually free but not feel sluttish. And there is a good reason for that:

Cuba Is So Sexually Liberated!

Cuba might not be doing that great becasue of the communist regimen but they did do one thing right. Unlike most places where unhealthily strict morals seem to affect everything, Cubans are completely free and comfortable with sexuality.

In Cuba, the double standards for men and women don’t exist. Guys and girls alike are taught it’s ok to enjoy sex, that it is a natural thing. What matters is that you stay safe and healthy.

Cuba is a place where abortion is legal and it’s not controversial at all. It’s a place where women do embody that ideal of “owning their own body”. And you know what that means (apart from Cuba having one thing right):

Trinidad girls are great in bed. 

Because there is no learned shame of sexuality, Cuban gals are among the best you’ve seen. Just a pro tip here: don’t be afraid to tell her what you want, too. Trinidad women are all about pleasing their partner (well, and themselves, too). This is actually another reason why they are so special.

How To Have The Night Of Your Life In Trinidad

The Cuban party scene is legendary around the world! But one thing is for sure, if you have limited time, you want to hit the best of the best. Don’t worry, this is why I am here.

Your prime destination for nightlife is The Avenue. Ariapita Avenue is a clubbing hotspot with tons of bars and restaurans. You can easily spend your entire time here, though the best party nights are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The Shakers bar is a great place to start the night. It’s a vintage-style bar in an old house. Other than serving the best rum drinks I have tasted in quite a while, this is a great place to meet fellow travellers and have fun company for the rest of the night.

Another chilled our location around The Avenue is the Coco Lounge. It has a more luxurious feel to it and it doesn’t attract big crowds. If you have been partying the previous night but still want to grab drinks at a cool location, Coco Lounge is the place for you. It’s open-air so you can see the sunset, the moon, and the stars. When I think about it, it might be a very good date location as well.

Your other pre-drinks location is called MovieTown and it’s a local complex with a large cinema, places to eat, and a casino. This is the perfect place to meet middle class and up Trinidad girls who love to hang out in MovieTown with their girls. The complex is also a great date location that all of the locals love.

Where To Go Dancing With Trinidad Girls

Bars and restaurants are all fun but how about what Cuba is actually famous for? Dancing!

You are in luck, Trinidad has some amazing places to go dancing. Just remember that when Cuban girls dance, they go hard! You might not be able to keep up but hey, it’s all about the fun. Take a cue from Cubans themselves and let go of that self-conscious little voice that tells you to stay in the corner and watch.

If there is one thing that would help you get with Trinidad women, it’s dance. Westerners would be perfect for Cuban gals if they could dance. I’ve literally heard it said “I would totally date a white boy but they don’t know how to move their hips”.

Just to clarify: don’t shake your hips all around the dancefloor. What she meant was that Western guys don’t know how to have fun.

But you do and you are in Trinidad. Here are a couple of clubs that you should try out:

Ayala Disco

This one is a bit touristy but it’s worth it even if it’s just for the cool concept. Ayala is located inside a huge cave and it never gets hot like other Cuban clubs do.

The music is a nice mix of American top 40’s and Cuban classics. It’s not super authentic (as I told you, slightly touristy would be best to describe it) but I personally loved it as an intro to local music. If you go to a completely Cuban disco out of nowhere, it’s likely that you would not have fun.

Dancing at clubs is about knowing the songs, too. If you don’t even know one of them, it kind of sucks. That is why you go to Ayala first, to pick up some local music but also to enjoy your favourite tunes. Then, on the next night (or the same night if you are feeling adventurous):

Casa de la Música

This one has been described as “the heart and soul of Trinidad nightlife”. Unlike Ayala Disco, Casa de la Música is Cuban through and through. The cover is fairly low and drinks are cheap. You can enjoy live music on most nights plus lots and lots of dancing.

I personally think Casa de la Música is among the best places for night game in Trinidad. Some say it only works if you speak Spanish. Which brings me to another very important point:

Do You Need Spanish To Get With Trinidad Women?

No, love is a universal language. 

Erm, or not? Did you seriously think that was the answer?

No, really, you don’t necessarily need Spanish to meet Trinidad women. What you do need is called Caribbean Cupid. Well, you could also use other dating sites (I like Caribbean Cupid because it’s cheap, it’s safe, and you can meet so many different people because it’s one of the biggest dating platforms in the Caribbean).

But my point is:

If you will date online, you don’t need Spanish. 

Once you get to Trinidad, though, it’s highly recommended that you learn some. It will help you get by, which in itself is a big perk (I will tell you more about safety in Trinidad later). However, you really can’t pick up girls if you don’t speak their language.

The chances of a random Trinidad girl on the street to speak good English are so slim. Out of those that do speak it, you would still have to find a girl who:

a) doesn’t have a boyfriend

b) finds you attractive

c) isn’t in a horrible mood that day

In a city with just over 70K people, this is not an easy task. Without Spanish, your IRL game endeavours are likely to fail miserably.

Safety In Trinidad

Trinidad is a relatively small town so how dangerous can it be? The answer: it depends on your common sense.

The fact of this matter is that tourists are stupid. Trinidad does attract a fair share of tourists because it’s a beautiful place with beautiful people. As long as you are not the stereotypical idiotic American and you don’t walk around alone, at night, with your iPhone and expensive camera out, you will be fine.

The biggest advice I can give on safety is to learn as much Spanish as possible. You want to be able to communicate to people. Most Cubans are super helpful and they will assist you in any way you need. If you can’t ask for help, though, that is another story.

Trinidad Women

All in all: Learn Spanish, kids. It helps with girls and it helps with safety. 

10 Reasons To Visit Trinidad

  1. Trinidad women, this one is a no-brainer
  2. The cobbled streets
  3. The colorful, Wes Anderson vibes
  4. The collonial-era edifices
  5. The amazing parties (and those sexy, sexy Cuban dancers)
  6. Food here is amazing and it’s incredibly cheap. I could live for months on Trinidad street food alone.
  7. The beaches, because there is something for every style of beach-goer
  8. Everyone is super friendly, even though their town is fairly touristy
  9. They have some of the best rum on this planet
  10. Because it’s beautiful, historical, there is nature, there are amazing people and it’s not even half as pricey as Havana. Our hearts are in Trinidad!

And there you have it. Trinidad women are not the only attraction this Cuban town has, although they are definitely a perk. You can meet them online or you could learn some Spanish and jump in the deep end of the dating pool. Either way, remember to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments down below!

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