Gringo How To’s: Slay on Caribbean Cupid

Caribbean Cupid is currently one of the hottest dating platforms out there. This is our guide to everything Carribean girl-related. Read on to learn all there is to know about:

  • The islands
  • The women
  • The dating culture
  • The best success strategies on Caribbean Cupid

In other words:

How to date amazing Caribbean women without going mad in the process!

Caribbean Cupid

First Things First…

Do you even know the first thing about the Caribbean?

Yeah, I know this is an article on girls. But let’s make a quick geography recap first.

The Caribbean islands include everything between the South shore of North America and the north shore of South America. Of course, if you want to be exact about it, there are more precise definitions.

The main Caribbean chicks you’ll meet on Caribbean Cupid are women from:

  • Jamaica
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Barbados
  • Cuba
  • The Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize
  • Nicaragua
  • Puerto Rico
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Haiti

Of course, there is a lot more. With hundreds of islands in the Caribbean, you can’t really mention them all.

What Is The Caribbean Famous For

I’m not suggesting you learn the entire history of the region. But do know a thing or two about the Caribbean before you take your online dating trip.

Bananas, cocoa and coffee are three important elements of Caribbean food. National cuisines vary but these ingredients are never missing. Fried bananas or plantains (which are firm, unripe bananas) are a popular side dish throughout the Caribbean.

The food, as well as the general culture, are very influenced by the African descent of most people. The Caribbean is a true melting pot but the African roots are never lost. Most people are direct descendants of slaves. Their language depends on what country ruled during those days.

One notable example of African culture is voodoo in Haiti. This form of witchcraft was brought here by the slaves and then it was influenced by Catholicism. Some Christian saints are even considered spirits in voodoo. Which brings me to a cool (albeit not super relevant to dating) side note on voodoo:

The Weirdness Of Haitian Voodoo

First, for the good news:

If you break a Haitian girl’s heart, she most likely won’t make a voodoo doll with your face and execute it in a Satanic ritual. 

Voodoo is an official religion in Haiti and it’s practised throughout the Caribbean. And no, the spell Caribbean women put on you is not witchcraft, it’s great genes!

But seriously, in Haiti some people practise voodoo, so don’t be freaked out if your Caribbean Cupid crush mentions it.

Vodouisants (a.k.a. people who do it) believe in a supreme God but they believe he’s unreachable. That’s why they appeal to lesser entities, the loa (or spirits). When African slaves were converted to Catholicism, the Supreme God became the Christian god, while a lot of the spirits were associated with saints.

As for humans, they believe our soul consists of two parts. One is responsible for biological function (the so-called gros bon ange), while the other is your personality.

During the voodoo liturgy, they believe the spirits can possess humans. There is some animal sacrifice, singing a mix of Christian and pagan hymns, and tons of other beliefs. A liturgy can be highly organised but it could also feel like a witch gathering. There aren’t many set rules around voodoo. Although common beliefs do exist, it’s more like a set of traditions and superstitions than an organised religion.

As with all things religion, your best policy is respect. Whether it freaks you out or it fascinates you, remember that it is somebody else’s powerful belief. Even if they won’t cast a dark magic spell on you, it is great to not be a jerk.

What Are The Women Like?

The first and most important question about Caribbean Cupid is what the girls are like.

For the sake of simplicity, I will first tell you about their looks and then their personality. Take this with a grain of salt. Though everything I tell you will be accurate (or as accurate as I could get it), there are still exceptions to the rules. If your Caribbean Cupid girl doesn’t check all the boxes, it doesn’t make her any less Caribbean.

Physical Characteristics

Caribbean women are mixed race, sensual, and very confident in their own bodies. Whether they’re bodacious or slim, they always carry themselves proud and sexy. That’s a big part of why they are considered universal sex symbols.

If you need a visual, here are:

Gorgeous Celebrities Of Caribbean Descent

Caribbean Cupid

Naomi Campbell was born in South London but her mom is from Jamaica. I guess you can’t have the sultry looks without a sassy Jamaican attitude.

Actress, model, and all-around awesome human Eva Mendes was born to Cuban parents in Florida. She grew up in the US but spoke of her very typically Cuban family and wanting to raise her kids in one. In fact, she offers an interesting insight into Latin culture and looks:

My mom and two sisters — us 4 girls — all have completely different body types, and I love that about Latin culture. Under this beautiful umbrella of being Latin, are many shapes, colors, and sizes. I grew up with everyone looking so incredibly different from one another. It’s part of my heritage and culture to embrace all different kinds of body types.

This is exactly what you can expect from Caribbean Cupid chicks. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all description for all Caribbean beauties. But, I mean, beauty in diversity, right?

Reguettonera Natti Natasha is another great example of Caribbean beauty. Natti is huge right now, collaborating with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and Becky G (yes, I have a bit of a reggeaton problem). This bombshell is a Dominican Republic native and currently one of the sexiest women in the Latin music industry. And that’s saying a lot, there are literally no ugly reggeaton singers.

So What Is It About Caribbean Cupid Girls?

Remember what Eva Mendes said about being Latina? Yup, it’s all about diversity. Even in the Caribbean, which is a smaller area than entire Latin America, there are so many differences.

However, one thing that does set apart Caribbean women is confidence.

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing it. Confidence? Really? Aren’t long legs and a symmetric face a bit more important?

Perhaps on Tinder and in runway model lookbooks but definitely not in the Caribbean.

The 7% rule says that only 7% of communication is about what you say. The other 93% is your body language and tone of voice. Of course, some part of that 93 % includes objective attractiveness. For the most part, though, this is literally how a girl carries herself and speaks.

There is a reason back in the day young women were trained in ladylike manners. No matter how unfortunate looking you are, walking and talking with confidence will improve how others view you.

But Caribbean women aren’t unfortunate-looking. In fact, they are the epitome of mixed race beauty.

Genetics Vs Caribbean Girls

Here’s the thing:

Opposites attract. 

What does that have to do with genes?

Well, when you have a baby, it has a mix of yours and your partner’s genes. This works on a completely random basis.

Your Daily Dose Of Science (Skip Ahead If You’re In A Rush)

First, your own set of genes (you have two actually – one from your mom, one from your dad) gets jumbled up to help produce sperm cells or eggs. Each sperm cell or egg has one set of genes. This way, when they merge you get the normal amount – one set from mom and one set from dad.

The problem is that DNA gets damaged. Mutations happen randomly and they’re the equivalent of hitting your new BMW’s engine with a hammer. In 1 in 1,000,000 cases, you might help the engine run smoother. In all the others, bad news, you just ruined a really nice car.

We all carry mutations in our DNA and we pass them on to our children. Since genes code proteins, having a messed up gene would mean you have a messed up protein (or a few of them). If it’s just one set of genes that carry the mutation, you might not even notice it because your cells will use the other to produce the protein. If it’s both sets… Mhm, not so great.

In places where cousins like to get all lovey-dovey, they have exponentially higher rates of birth defects and congenital disorders. That’s because if you’re related to the person you have kids with, you are more likely to carry the same mutation. And, once again, we all carry mutations but we don’t necessarily see any symptoms.

The closer (genetically speaking) you are to your partner, the higher the probability for that unlucky match. And trust me, some of these diseases are devastating. How would you like a child that develops seizures and eventually becomes paralysed and dies within its’ first months of life? That’s exactly what happens to a Jewish community in Louisiana, where an otherwise rare congenital disorder happens to 1 in 3,600 newborns.

Why This Is Relevant

I’m sorry, I geeked out a bit. But hopefully, I got the point across:

Opposites attract and there is a good genetic reason for it. 

Ultimately, attraction is about having kids together. The more different you are, the less likely for the kid to get a horrible disease. Besides, protective mutations can also build up. That’s the kind of DNA “damage” that would make you immune to stuff like malaria, cholera, or even the HIV virus.

Mixed-race people, therefore, should be healthier. And we like healthy people because a healthy woman is more likely to have healthy children with you. Yes, truly you and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals 
So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

So, What Is It About Caribbean Cupid Girls?

Well, a couple of things:

  • They are confident and bold.
  • Genetically, they were born at an advantage.

Apparently, this is the winning combination, as exemplified by gorgeous Caribbean celebrities. But what’s on the inside?

Caribbean Women: Inside Out

Caribbean girls are not all looks and nothing beneath. In fact, one of my favourite things about them is their personality. Cliché, I know. But their personality is even important to their beauty (remember, confidence and how you carry yourself)!

Let’s look at the main traits of Caribbean Cupid women!

Blood Runs Thicker Than Water

Family is a top priority for Caribbean girls. They truly put their families and friends (a.k.a. the family they chose), above all else. Most girls there are raised in the spirit of traditional values and morale. To them, building a home and raising beautiful children is the most important part of life.

As for their existing family, Caribbean girls are fiercely loyal. They would do whatever it takes to support and help them out. Her relationship with her family always comes first.


Caribbean women are naturally caring. Sometimes, it manifests a bit aggressively (because they are fiery Latinas after all). For instance, she won’t hesitate to make a scene if she sees you smoking. I mean, depends on the girl, obviously, a lot of Caribbean chicks smoke, but you get the point.

In simpler terms:

She’s not afraid to call you out on your bullshit!

It comes from a place of love. In fact, it comes from the exact same place of defending her friends and family always and anywhere, making you breakfast in bed, or turning into a true momma bear once she has kids.

Baby’s On Fire

If you don’t get the song reference, go look it up right now. I am currently obsessed with Die Antwoord.

Back to the topic at hand, Caribbean Cupid women are fiery. Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing? Obviously, both.

On one hand, you have sensual, open-minded, bold women. On the other, they can get angry really fast and be real bitches (apologies for the language) about it.

But then again, any human gets a temper if you push their buttons. In most cases, the notorious “Latina anger” comes from a place of good intentions. Be patient and level-headed for both of you!

Little Miss Sunshine

Caribbean Cupid

Though they may be scary when angry, Caribbean Cupid women usually have a very positive outlook on life.

Caribbean people, in general, are very smiley, open, and happy. I bet there are statistical reasons for it, too. For instance, all the sunshine they get, the awesome spirit of community, and the fact that “Western” standards have not yet penetrated the Caribbean, are all a few candidates.

But what you really need to know about Caribbean women is they smile a lot and they’re almost never grumpy. It’s honestly so refreshing to talk to them. Whining and complaining are not the small talk standard in the Caribbean!

So How Do You Get One?

Now that I hyped them up, how do you meet a Caribbean woman? Obviously, by going there. But this is the 21st century, we have the Internet, and we have Caribbean Cupid.

Here are my best strategies for slaying the online dating game.

The Perfect Profile (In Less Than 5 Minutes)

We are all busy people. Thankfully, Caribbean Cupid is user-friendly and intuitive. Here is what you do to craft the perfect profile:

  • Go to Caribbean Cupid.
  • Put your name and email address.
  • Choose a password.

Now click on “View Singles Now” and you’re set and registered. Yes, it’s free.

But that’s not a profile yet, obviously.

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

If you’re only going to do one thing, put a great picture. Profiles with photos are hundreds of times more popular. Profiles with great photos, get all the girls. You can worry about filling out the profile later. For now, you need:

A damn good picture of yourself. 

Most of the girls on Caribbean Cupid are in their 20’s. However, they are all looking for someone mature. This is why, as Sebastian of Global Seducer put it: “a dad bod isn’t a death sentence and grey hair is a benefit

Feel free to use your professional headshots. If it’s a high-quality picture of the best you (a.k.a. the version your company presents to clients), why wouldn’t you?

Steer clear of selfies and group pictures. The former is a bit annoying and I’ve rarely seen it done right by a guy. The latter is just confusing. And if you blur out your friends, that’s just weird.

Add Even More Pictures

Now that you have one great photo, add a couple more. The rest of the pictures on your profile can break all the rules for the first one.

These should show your personality and interests. Don’t put a skydiving photo if you only went once. Other than that, there are literally no rules.

Well, one rule. No full nudity. But that’s really site policy (and the courtesy of not presenting your dick to strangers that never wanted to see it in the first place).

Fill Out Your Profile

If you were timing yourself, you should have at least 2 minutes left. Spend them on filling out the profile information.

First, add your lifestyle info. Don’t add your income because that is just begging for gold diggers. Smoking, drinking, and relationship status (yes, that category actually exists) are the most important here. Conveniently, they are at the top. Add information about kids as well – whether you have them and whether you want any more. This is important to most Caribbean Cupid girls.

Then, add the languages you speak. Don’t put Spanish if you only know a few phrases. English is the first language in many Caribbean countries. There is nothing wrong with just putting that.

In appearance, put as much info as time allows. This section lets other members find you by the way you look. That’s convenient for girls. It’s also convenient for us and we’ll be using it in a second.

A Few Sentences About Yourself

This is the part where you get to show your personality. Feel free to skip it. To be honest, I did, too, when I first registered for Caribbean Cupid.

But any second you spend on your description is worth gold in terms of matches. You can be successful without it, but you’ll get the highest value girls if you have it.

Writing can be nerve-wracking (and I write for a living). Here’s my simple formula:

Greeting + Job + Fun Fact

Your “bio” should feel like a first conversation because in a way it is.

  • Greeting – Start with a simple “Hey!”
  • Job – Say what you do and add a quirky description. For instance, it could be something like “Civil engineer. I do the math that architects can’t.”
  • Fun Fact – This is your conversation-starter. Mention something silly or funny that happened to you – “Drove into a snowbank once” is a great example, especially because even snow is a novelty for most Caribbeans.

Off To The Races

You’re all set now. Hopefully, it didn’t take longer than 5 minutes. This is all the work that you needed to do. Now it’s time for the fun part.

My rule here is:

Let’s fail fast. 

A bit negative, I agree but hear me out.

You know what you want and what don’t want. If you’re not into curvier girls, don’t talk to curvy girls. If you like blondes, only talk to blondes.

And I know this is a bit radical, love goes beyond the surface, blah-blah. The brutal truth is, though, that relationships fail in the first weeks, whether you realise it or not. An issue that breaks you up two years down the line, has existed before you even met.

That’s why I encourage you to seek out and only talk to girls that are 100% your type. Fail the other ones fast. Thankfully, Caribbean Cupid lets you search by advanced criteria. They have so many members that your type must definitely exist.

The Winning Message

Caribbean Cupid

Here is what not to do:

Don’t speak to her, as though she doesn’t know English.

Most of these women have English as their first language. Text them like you would text your friends. Seriously, I find quirky, slightly ironic messages to work best. She has received thousands of “Hey, how are you doing?”.

She has never received “My dog chewed on the power cord of my laptop, I thought I’d use my last precious seconds to say hey. You’re cute!

And with that, you are on your way to Caribbean Cupid success!

Now Share Your Tips!

I did my best. I told you what I knew. You’re out in the wild now. Once you’re back, make sure to share your own Caribbean Cupid tips, tricks, and success stories in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

To meet girls on CC, click here.

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