Caribbean Cupid Review: Legit Website or Scam?

This Caribbean Cupid review is long overdue! The site is buzzing and yet opinions on it are very contrasted. On one hand, you have the great testimonials and the enviable success stories. On the other, there are claims that it’s a complete scam.

I set out to discover the truth!

Caribbean Cupid Review

Caribbean Cupid Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Let’s look at one of the actual negative reviews about Caribbean Cupid:

The Caribbean is a beautiful place but it is unfortunate that the dating site Caribbean cupid does not meet the same standard. I went on there expecting to meet some beautiful women like the ones I saw when I was vacationing at the Caribbean. But the women on there are borderline ugly. The only good thing is that there’s an iPhone app. So don’t come on here expecting to meet beautiful women from the Caribbean.

Alright, so only one complaint here: the looks. Now, I’m not saying that every single girl on there is a Rihanna or an Eva Mendes. But they’re not ugly and you can find that for yourself.

Sign up to Caribbean Cupid is free. Go ahead and check out the girls… Unless you have incredibly unrealistic standards, you’ll find most to be quite attractive. In my personal experience, I talked to:

  • Sandra – easily an 8, young, bright-eyed, and very smiley from Cuba. She struggled with English a little bit but we still managed to have some pretty great conversation.
  • Adriana – who was slightly older, in her late 20’s and had that fiery Latina vibe. She said guys back home thought she wasn’t pretty because she had no curves. Adriana could’ve easily passed for a model in the States.
  • Christina – she was probably the least attractive of all (but still a 6.5 at least) but we actually clicked great and I hope to meet her soon.

What Are The Testimonials?

If you want further proof, there are plenty of success stories from actual couples. They are not just from guys either. Many American and Canadian girls found a Caribbean husband through the site, too. Their success story page is full of wedding pictures. To be honest, that’s pretty adorable!

Check out some testimonials here

What Are The Girls Like?

Of course we’re gonna be looking at what the women look like in this Caribbean Cupid review.

Not only are Caribbean women hot, they also have wonderful personalities. There is a great spirit of community throughout the region.

Young girls are raised in big, loud, loving families. They grow up to be very positive. In fact, that’s probably my favourite thing about Caribbeans – they always have a smile on their face and they’re the ultimate optimists.

Besides, because they grew up in closely-knit families, family is the main priority for them. Not only are they caring and nurturing, Caribbean girls are natural at bringing others together. It’s a true blessing to be with someone like that!

Caribbean Cupid Review: What Are Your Chances Of A Caribbean Love Story?

Alright, alright. The girls are pretty and they’re not jerks. You want one, right? But what are your realistic chances of succeeding on Caribbean Cupid?

It totally depends on you!

It’s All About The Attitude

When memory champion Ron White hired a Navy SEAL to help him train, one of the first things they did was foster a winner’s attitude. Ron created a list of his previous accomplishments. He was training his mind to think that success was the only option. Succeed was what he did. He was a winner!

When I was researching for this Caribbean Cupid review, I noticed the same thing! The “make or break” factor was always the attitude. So before you even create your profile, I want you to tell yourself you’ll be successful. As Henry Ford put it:

He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right

Here are the best ways to win at the online dating game

Caribbean Cupid Review

How To Craft The Perfect Profile

This Caribbean Cupid review is set to help you out!

It all starts with signing up. You can get caught up in reading tips all day. If you don’t take action, it’s all wasted. So, right this very second:

  1. Go to Caribbean Cupid.
  2. Put your name.
  3. Enter your email address (they send spam, don’t use your main one)
  4. Choose a password. Treat your password like your underwear – change it often and don’t share it.
  5. Click on “View Singles Now”

Did you do it yet? Come on, chop-chop! Be back in a minute!

Start With Your Profile Picture

Take your time to select a great picture. Profiles with a picture are ten times more popular. This is an actual figure that comes from the Caribbean Cupid website. But it makes sense. Here are some benefits to having an awesome profile picture:

  • It presents the best version of you possible.
  • A picture can speak a thousand words. In a single glance, the girls can learn a lot about you. That’s why you should be careful about what you present!
  • Most guys don’t spend enough time on their profile pics. A great photo will instantly set you apart.

And don’t be afraid of looking “older”. In fact, most of the girls on Caribbean Cupid are looking for someone mature. They are tired of unreliable local guys. You are the better alternative. Or, as Sebastian of Global Seducer put it: “a dad bod isn’t a death sentence and grey hair is a benefit”

Do’s And Don’t’s Of A Profile Picture


  • Use a clear picture.
  • Show your entire face – sunglasses come across a bit creepy, eye contact is key.
  • Feel free to use professional headshots. They say handsome but they also say mature. What else is there to want.
  • Upload only high-quality photos. Grainy pictures should stay in 2005 where they belong.


  • Use a selfie. They are annoying and most guys don’t even know how to take a good one.
  • Post a group photo. If you’re not the hottest one in the group, you’re setting girls up for disappointment. If you are, you come across as insecure. You don’t need the cheerleader effect to impress girls! Besides, group shots are simply disappointing.
  • Use a shirtless picture, even if you have six-pack abs. It gives fuckboy vibes and this is not the impression that you are trying to make!

Just One Won’t Do

Your profile picture is the shiny package that you come in. The rest of the profile, including the additional photos you add, should show off what’s on the inside.

And you can break all the rules for the first one! In fact, it’s even advisable to. A single selfie never hurt nobody and group pics show that you have friends and a social life. That’s good.

But this is a space for you to flaunt your personality, not to make it up! This is why the only two don’t’s for additional photos are:

  • Activities that “look cool” but you only did once.
  • Full nudity, because you will get blocked for that!

Now Describe Yourself

There are few things more nerve-wracking than “Tell me about yourself!”. That might be my social anxiety speaking, but I detest the question. What am I supposed to say?

Well, I came up with a simple formula:

  • Say hey and your name. Yes, I know they already know it. It’s still a good idea – it makes the bio feel like an actual conversation (although it also has slight AA vibes).
  • Describe what you do with a twist. We all know what an accountant is. But if you say I help rich people sleep better at night (I’m an accountant), it’s much more memorable.
  • Mention a fun, quirky fact about yourself as a conversation-starter. I usually go for something silly that happened to me – Drove into a snowbank once. seems to work surprisingly well, especially in the Caribbean!

Fill Out The Rest

Notice how I had you write the bio first? That is because it matters more. However, if you want women to find you, you would also have to fill out the “closed questions”.

Caribbean Cupid Review

These ask for information about your looks, lifestyle, and the languages you speak. I usually start with lifestyle because putting in my hair colour, length, and style is incredibly boring. One thing I never do is reveal my income. That is just begging for gold diggers to come!

Smoking, drinking, and relationship status are other complete musts. Some girls would rather not date a divorcé or a guy that doesn’t want kids. It is best to know that right off the bat. The same goes for your opinion on relocation. Wherever you stand on that, it is best to say it right on the profile. It will save so much time later on!

Do I Need Spanish?

Nope, you absolutely don’t. English is the first language in the most popular Caribbean Cupid countries. You can definitely survive (and thrive) without even a word of Spanish!

Time To Have Some Fun!

Since you are all set, it’s time to explore your options. Caribbean Cupid is a paid site but you only need premium membership for communication. You can browse through girls all you want. If you decide they are not for you, no need to pay. And that is why I like Caribbean Cupid – most scammy websites ask for billing info before they even ask for your name!

And with that, you are on your way to a beautiful Caribbean romance!

Caribbean Cupid Review: Conclusion

To close things out in this Caribbean Cupid review, let me just say this: Caribbean Cupid is what you make of it. Go with a winner’s mindset and you will win! And once you do, come back to tell us all about it. I will be hanging out in the comments, waiting! Good luck, tiger!

Ready to meet Caribbean beauties? Just go here.

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