The Hidden Gem That Are Barbados Women

Not all Barbados women look like Rihanna, but most of them have her curves! This is your guide to the world’s best-kept secret: Barbadian beauty!

The Sexy Women Of Barbados

It’s official:

The sexiest woman alive is from Barbados!

Dubbed to be “the sexiest pop star of the century” by GQ, RiRi is the biggest proof that Barbados women are here to end us all.

But she is definitely not the only one. Here are five more sexy Barbadians that prove my point:

Barbados Women

  1. Lene Hall has made a career out of her cheekbones and flawless skin. This Esteé Lauder favourite has graced the covers of fashion magazines and runways around the world!
  2. Stacey Dash the cute girl from Clueless is all grown-up and has a body to die for! See her Playboy pictorials if you don’t believe me!
  3. Meagan Good might be born and raised in California but she has her Barbadian roots to thank for her stunning good looks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many Barbados women look like her doubles!
  4. Alison Hinds may be way in her 40’s but Alison is just as gorgeous as she was when she first gained fame as the “Queen of Soca”. Bajan girls never seem to age!
  5. Leah Marville is a beauty queen (Miss Barbados World 2009, everyone), a journalist, and a model-turned-businesswoman. Not only is she one of the most lusted after girls in all of the Caribbean, she is the quintessential Barbados woman – beautiful, smart, and super fun!

Barbados Women: The Beginner’s Guide

Now that it’s all settled and you believe me when I say Bajan women are abso-fucking-lutely amazing, let’s get you one!

The first thing to know is:

The Numbers Work In Your Favour

Most countries around the world have more women than men. There are some biological reasons for that (women live longer, for instance) or there could be outside reasons like a demographic problem after a war (this was the case in Russia).

Barbados has one of the least favourable gender ratios for women.

Simply speaking, there are not enough Bajan men for all these beauties. For every 100 women on the island, there are just under 92 men.

In the 25 to 35-year-old age range, the disparity is even larger! As Sebastian of Global Seducer put it:

Women outnumber men and you can feel like a kid in the candy store.

But Don’t Get Carried Away

Barbados women may not have enough local men but they have the tourists. With all the rum, the sunny beaches, and the sensual rhythm of Bajan music, hormones run high. Good-looking visitors are the norm so expect her standards to be higher.

If you are not model material, though, don’t despair. There is still a way for you to meet the hottest Barbados girls and have them chase you!

Are You The Man She Wants?

Legend has it that Barbados women never stick with the same guy for longer than two weeks. Nobody can win them over, they are the ultimate ice queens. Heck, even Drake’s heartfelt proclamation of love didn’t impress Rihanna.

What is a non-Drake human to do?

Not be a doormat, this is what. Let me tell you a little secret about Barbados women:

They Are As Hardcore As It Gets

Bajan girls are not sweet and dainty, and innocent. They are the kind of date that would have a full-on fight with the restaurant staff if they are being mean. Don’t mess with Barbados!

Unlike their immediate neighbours, Barbados women are highly educated and independent. Religion is hardly any factor in their decisions. Most Caribbean girls are Roman Catholic. In Barbados, the largest religion is Christianity but most people are Anglican.

Read = they are not big believers but they might go to church on Easter. 

Dating culture (and Barbados culture as a whole) is not conservative at all. Women are allowed to be as open-minded and fun as they want. Nobody expects them to “act like a lady”.

So the gentle beta approach Drake used can’t ever work! Instead, remember that:

A Real Woman Needs A Real Man

Barbados women love macho men. They are all about the masculine look, the attitude, the sense of security you can give. It’s not that she can’t manage just fine on her own… it’s that she doesn’t want to.

When they date, Bajan women are very self-assured and they can seem intimidating. What hides underneath is a girl that’s tired of being more masculine and assertive than the guys.

Barbados girls are no-nonsense. They are forced into a sort of masculine role by guys around them. This is where the myth of the bitchy Bajan girl comes from.

In reality, most of these women don’t enjoy the badassery as much as it seems. They love being strong and independent but they also like to be pampered and taken care of. The saying that a real woman needs a real man could not be more true for them!

And so:

Your Best Strategy To Win Them Over

Barbados Women

… is to be your most assertive and masculine version possible.

Give her compliments but sparingly, don’t sound desperate, don’t be afraid of her reaction. It’s a hundred times better to say “Hey girl, what a nice ass!” with confidence than to mumble “I am fascinated by you, you seem so smart and beautiful, and genuine!” under your nose.

Of course, I wouldn’t use the ass line!

The point is, no matter how stupid the thing that you are saying, confidence matters the most to Barbados women.

Your Mini Pep Talk To Build Confidence

Contrary to what the self-help industry would have you believe, there is no single fix for your anxiety. Confidence takes time…

But when it comes to women, you don’t really need to prove yourself to them. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

Half of the battle with poor self-esteem is won once you realise that you will be cool no matter what. Do you think dead people give a fuck about what that one girl said about them once? Nope. You shouldn’t, either. Just by being alive and moving, you are already cool.

You are already worthy of love.

But clichés aside, you’d also have to get your act together. If I didn’t make it clear enough: Barbados women are NOT into betas!

Barbados Women As Girlfriends

Bajan chicks don’t give a fuck about the opinions of random strangers. They get to wear what they want, talk to whom they want, and fuck whoever they please. Barbados women couldn’t care less about “society’s opinions”.

They do, however, get very sensitive when it comes to loved ones. This is why they are sometimes too much to handle as girlfriends.

Accept that she will take things personally, even if they are decidedly not personal. In fact, some fights would literally be you walking on eggshells and still managing to upset her. Once again, this is a place to prove your masculinity by remaining the calm and collected one.

There Is Power In Silence

Don’t mistake aggression for masculinity. Insecure people get aggressive. Your Barbados girlfriend might get angry and verbally aggressive (heck, even physically aggressive… and that is your cue to dump her). This is because, deep down, she is feeling insecure and doesn’t have a productive way of expressing it.

Of course, understanding the psychology behind all of it doesn’t make her screaming any more pleasant!

Guess what:

You will have to sit through it if you want to keep her. 

Barbados women make amazing girlfriends. They are sensual, they’re amazing in bed, they would take care of you, dress up for you, spoil you in every way imaginable. When they go into a relationship, they go all in!

However, this also has the unfortunate side effect of explosive fights. As long as you manage to keep your cool, she will begin to contradict herself. Let her have the last word if you have to. Bajan girls aren’t stupid. They eventually realise they were wrong and the make-up sex is worth all the shouting you had to endure.

Lesson learned: Don’t be an ego-maniac, let her have her moment of anger. In the long run, you are the one who wins. First, because you never lost your temper. Second, because you are dating an amazing, sexy Barbados girl and pretty much every guy in the world is jealous!

Where To Meet Barbados Women

Barbados Women

There are many options, depending on your situation. IRL, beaches are a hotspot for day game. Meeting girls at night is trickier as locals avoid tourist discos and favour more intimate, secret bars. Check out our guide on Barbadian nightlife – it will help you find one!

As for online dating, Caribbean Cupid is definitely the winner. Not only are they the biggest dating site in the Caribbean but Barbados is one of the most popular countries on there. There may not be a dedicated site for Bajan chicas only but Caribbean Cupid will give you all the choice you can ever wish for!

And remember: as soon as you snatch your Barbados beauty, report back with tips. Sharing is caring… and we all want to sleep with Rihanna.

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