Who Needs Atlantis When You Have Bahamian Women (A Guide)

The islands are gorgeous but wait until you see the Bahamian women! This tiny piece of paradise still stands… Head to Atlantis before it’s too late!

Bahamian Women: So (Damn) Pretty!

Let’s be honest here.

Personality is important. Her good heart, sweet kindness, and wonderful sense of humour are great. But Bahamian girls truly stand out in one thing:

Bahamian Women

Serving looks!

Almost all Bahamians are mixed-race, with their African ancestry most visible. They have wide hips, seductive curves, and a beautiful, milk chocolate coloured skin.

Unlike 100% black girls, they have more delicate features and tend to be petite. Their hair is usually curly, or wavy at the very least. The natural texture of it means most Bahamian chicas sport shorter haircuts or go for wigs and weaves. Dreadlocks are not as popular as they are in Haiti and other Caribbean countries.

Bahamian Models: How Common Are They?

I get it. You don’t want to date the nice-looking girls. You want to snag the absolute stunners, the kind of woman that will have your friends in disbelief and other guys jealous beyond words.

And hey, there are women like that:

  • Shakara Ledard has men all over the world fawning over her luscious curves and beautiful big eyes.
  • Jeanene Fox has graced the catwalks of Europe and stunned us all in her international ad campaigns and music video appearances.
  • Anastagia Pierre has won tons of beauty pageants, appears in fashion magazines around the world, and even competed in Miss Universe!

You would see many girls like that in the Bahamas if you know where to look. Let’s start with the obvious:

Nightclubs Suck!

How is that obvious?

Well, consider the number of tourists!

Bahamian nightclubs are fun and all but you wouldn’t find high-value local girls there. They are more than tired of aspiring local players that only sleep with foreign girls. Bahamian women know better than hooking up with someone at the club.

In fact, if you do get lucky in a disco, it’s highly unlikely that you will see her again. That is because she was either a tourist like yourself or a local girl that decided to let loose for a night. If the latter is the case, she wouldn’t want anything to do with a guy that does one-night stands.

Yes, double standards like these apply.

People Don’t Date In The Bahamas

Though there are many stunning Bahamian women, you wouldn’t meet them on a night out. Because there is zero dating culture in the Bahamas, local girls often look outside the country for a partner.

Bahamian men are among the worst in the world:

  • They whistle after every pretty girl they see,
  • they think nothing of cheating…
  • because they never get in a relationship in the first place.

Rum flows and tourist girls come and go. Bahamian men have no real incentive to settle down. That is why they rarely have a steady girlfriend. If the current girl they’re dating accuses them of cheating, Bahamian men don’t try to make excuses or cover up.

How can I cheat on you if we weren’t exclusive in the first place? they say

And hey, that might be logical to them, but it sucks for Bahamian women. This is your chance:

Be The Knight In Shining Armour

Most Bahamian girls are on dating sites. They are sick and tired of local men’s behaviour. Sometimes, they even swear off men completely.

These can be both the best and worst girls to date!

If she has never been treated right, a Bahamian girl doesn’t have high expectations. Just by being a decent guy who is willing to date her, not just keep her as a booty call, you look like the knight in shining armour.

However, if she has been so disappointed in the past that it leads her to never trust men again… Guess what, she is perfect sugar baby/gold digger material!

Beware of the women who get too close, too soon. 9 out of 10 times they have realised their power over men and decided that:

If he’s going to be a pig, I will be the bigger pig!

They get cynical and begin to treat sex like goods for trading. She’s a pretty girl who wants to be wined and dines, you want a vacation fling with a local hottie, what is so wrong with that? Technically, nothing. If you are fine with the lingering feeling that you hired an escort, go ahead and date those girls.

Otherwise, stick to the high-value, slightly disappointed by locals type!

Bahamian Women

Bahamian Women Are Very Popular On Caribbean Cupid

The Bahamas are a dreamy destination – for vacation, as well as for niche online dating. For all the reasons mentioned above, Bahamian women flock to international dating sites.

They come in hopes of “meeting someone different”, it’s even on their profile descriptions.

Unlike other Caribbean girls, the Bahamians would never demand outrageous declarations of love. Heck, even a simple date is commitment enough for them.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that Bahamian women online are easy. To get with them, you have to fulfil at least some of her criteria. For instance, she wouldn’t ever be with a guy who is married. That is because:

All Local Men Are Married And Horny

I have no idea how locals manage to get married. But according to Bahamian girls, “all the guys are married and just want a side chick”.

Statistically, this is impossible.

It’s either that local dudes are flakey (plus complete douchebags) and they don’t want to settle, or that they’re married and seeking an affair. The truth is somewhere in-between.

A Bahamian girl is usually presented with these two (completely unappealing) choices:

  • Tolerate a guy that does not respect or care for her enough to even take her on a date.
  • Allow a married dude to romance her, while his kids are sleeping at home, cuddled up with their unsuspecting mother.

Needless to say, neither works well for the long-term.

This is why Bahamian women on Caribbean Cupid would make no exceptions for married men. It does not matter if you’re in the process of divorcing your wife. Even open relationships are a no-no. When they go on the website, Bahamian girls are looking for something real that will last. They know better than seeking that from a non-single man.

The Bahamas Are NOT A Third-World Country

One of the most annoying things for Bahamians is when foreigners expect some “shithole country” vibe from non-tourist areas.

The Bahamas are, in fact, a quite wealthy country. The salaries are great, even in the service industry. You would not impress your Bahamian girlfriend-to-be with the size of your wallet.

Of course, like all girls, Bahamians like to be wined and dined. But with the bar set so low by local men, you are already an over-achiever if you take her out on a real date.

Bahamian women are among the safest online in terms of scammer protection. They are not in it for the money, they genuinely struggle with finding love!

Seal It With A Kiss

Like the rest of the Caribbean countries, the Bahamas have a passionate, very touchy-feely culture. A first kiss is a must at the end of the date. Otherwise, she will think you friendzoned her.

Even more importantly, there is no three-date rule for Bahamian women. As far as they are concerned, as long as you are being respectful (and loyal), it doesn’t matter if you sleep together within two hours of first meeting.

The only exception here is nightclub hookups. These are specifically reserved for guys she’s attracted to but finds too douchey to even consider dating. Don’t expect your disco quickie to turn into a meaningful relationship.

Other than that, fucking on the first date is fine, as long as there was a first date beforehand.

Bahamian Women As Girlfriends

A Bahamian girl would be so proud to be your girlfriend. Because of the nonexistent dating culture, Bahamian women know to value and treat a good guy right.

Bahamian Women

One thing you will love about Bahamian girlfriends is they love to dress up for you. They know that they’re pretty and they want you to show them off. Much like she brags about you to her friends, your Bahamian gal wants you to be proud to talk about her and walk around with her.

That being said, keep her on her toes a little bit. It may be cruel to play on her insecurities but don’t go all in immediately. A very significant part of seduction is what you don’t get. If you keep a bit of independence and mystery about yourself, you will keep her for the long term.

Finally, remember that the Bahamas are like the US or Western Europe in terms of marriage. Most of the girls want a steady boyfriend but they are in no rush to get hitched and start popping out children. This is definitely not a place to get a mail-order bride from.

It is, however, the paradise of beautiful Caribbean girls and for that we are all thankful!

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